Achyranthes mangarevica   (Suessenguth)

Mangarevan Chaff Flower
(Achyranthes mangarevica)

syn. -


Tuamotu Archipelago: Mangareva / Gambier Islands

local name:

Pukawapuataratara (Mangarevan)
Tarake (Mangarevan)
Teone pa akura (Mangarevan)

size: ca. 5 m (heigth)

extinction date: (?)

The Mangarevan Chaff Flower, which was discovered in the year 1934 at the Mt. Mokoto at an elevation of about 290 m, in contrast to most other species of its genus was not a shrub but a small tree, and could reach a heigth of up to 5 m.

The species was most closely related to the still extant Marquesas Chaff Flower (Achyranthes marchionica (F. Brown)) from the Marquesan Islands.


- K. Suessenguth: Amaranthaceae of southeastern Polynesia. Bishop Museum Occasional Papers 12(2): 1-10. 1936