Angelica nubigena   ((C. B. Clarke) P. K. Mukherjee)

Cloud-borne Angelica
(Angelica nubigena)

syn. Heracleum nubigenum (C. B. Clarke.)


India: Sikkim

local name: -

size: 1 - 2 m (heigth)

extinction date: last collected 1849

The Cloud-borne Angelica was endemic to the Chola and Yakla Passes in Bhutan resp. in Sikkim / India, where it grew at elevations of 3500 to 4200 m. It has not been collected since the year 1849, and is therefore most probably extinct.

The roots of this species are reported to have been used by the natives as cardiac stimulant.

The Cloud-borne Angelica, however, may be identical with another species, Angelica cyclocarpa ((C. Norman) Cannon), an almost similar but by far much larger species that occurs within the same region.