Angostura ossana   ((DC.) Beurton)

La Ossa Angostura
(Angostura ossana)

syn. Galipea ossana (DC.), Raputia ossana ((DC.) Engl.)



local name:

Quina del país - Cuba (Spanish)

size: (?)

extinction date: last seen before 1841

This tree species is known only from the typus material from the year 1822, as well as another specimen, which was collected sometimes before 1841.

The bark of this plant contained several alcaloids as well as the bitter substance Angosturin and was used probably already by the Cuban natives as a stimulant tonic. Exaggerated collecting of the bark probably also led to the final disappearance of this species, which must have been already very rare in the 19th century.


It is however, still possible, yet not quite probable, that some specimens of this species may still survive in the inaccessible regions of the Sierra de los Organos in the west of Cuba.


La Ossa Angostura (Angostura ossana)

Depiction from 'M. De Candolle: Mémoire sur le Tribu des Cuspariées. Mémoires du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. 9: 139-154. 1822'


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