Anomalapteryx didiformis

Little Bush-Moa
(Anomalapteryx didiformis)

syn. Anomalopteryx antiqua, Anomalopteryx antiquus, Anomalopteryx oweni, Anomalopteryx parva, Anomalopteryx parvus, Dinornis didiformis, Dinornis dromioides, Dinornis oweni, Dinornis parvus


New Zealand: North Island; South Island

local name: -

size: ca. 70 cm (at the back)

extinction date: ca. 1500

Bones of this species have been found in many places on the North Island as well as in the northwest and south of the South Island of New Zealand.

Most Moas were rather small birds, this species reached the size of a Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo).


Little Bush-Moa (Anomalapteryx didiformis)

depiction: Alexander Lang


- Trevor H. Worthy, Richard N. Holdaway: The Lost World of the Moa, Prehistoric Life of New Zealand. Indiana University Press, Bloomington 2002