Anthornis melanura

Chatham Islands Bellbird
(Anthornis melanura melanocephala)

syn. Anthornis melanocephala, Anthornis melanocephalus


New Zealand: Chatham Islands

native name: -

size: ca. 25 cm (length)

extinction date: last seen 1906

The Chatham Islands Bellbird is sometimes reagarded as full species.

The extinction of this bird is a complete mystery because the New Zealand Bellbird is still one of the most common native birds in its home.

The Chatham Islands Bellbird was larger than the form from New Zealand.

The last specimens of that species or subspecies were seen in 1906 on Little Mangere Island.


Chatham-Glockenhonigfresser (Anthornis melanura melanocephala)

Chatham Islands Bellbird (Anthornis melanocephalus)

artwork by ? from 'Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Erebus and Terror' by George Robert Gray from the year 1846

Photo: by courtesy of Barbara Ward Grubb / Triptych Collections


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