Argyreia soutteri

Soutter's Mourning Glory
(Argyreia soutteri)

syn. Lettsomia soutteri


Australia: Queensland

local name: -

size: ?

extinction date: ?

This species is known only on the basis of a single herbarium collection from the year 1888, and although no one has ever found even a trace of this species again, it took one hundred years to classify it at least as >rare< in 1988.

In the official 'red list' it is still completely missing, as countless other species of plants and animals too.


The photograph shows another member of the genus, the Woodrose (Argyreia nervosa), which is also found in Queensland - but as an introduced species.

Photo: by courtesy of Forest & Kim Starr (USGS)


- David A. Keith; Mark A. Burgman: The Lazarus effect: can the dynamics of extinct species lists tell us anything about the status of biodiversity? Biological Conservation, Vol. 117(1) 41-48. 2004