Belocephalus micanopy   (Davis)

Big Pine Key Conehead Katydid
(Belocephalus micanopy)

syn. -


USA: Big Pine Key / Monroe County / Florida

local name: -

size: ca. 3 cm (length)

extinction date: (?)

The Big Pine Key Conehead Katydid is known only from the tiny islet of the same name, the Pig Pine Key.

The species lives or lived in the so called 'Pine Rocklands', a vegetation community consisting of open forests, formed by South Florida Slash Pines (Pinus elliottii var. densa (Little & Dorman)) with an undergrowth of several subtropical plants, among them also the Florida Silver Palm (Coccothrinax argentata ((Jacq.) L. H. Bailey)), on which the Big Pine Key Conehead Katydid obviously is or was living on.

This habitat is extremely threatened now and can only be found in some tiny areas.

Officially this species is considered threatened, but its name, however, continually appears in lists of extinct animals.