Boromys offela

Oriente Cave Rat
(Boromys offella)

syn. -


Cuba: Isla de la Juventud; Cuba

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: after 1500 (?)

The Oriente Cave Rat must have survived long enough to see the arrival of the first Europeans on the american double continent. Because its bones were found in deposits, that also contained bones of rats, which reached Cuba for the first time together with the european discoverers.

These rats then again must have played a big role in the extinction of the endemic cuban species.


Oriente Cave Rat (Boromys offella); part of the lower jaw

Photo from 'Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College. Vol 62. 1918-1919. Cambridge, Mass., USA'


- Alexandra van der Geer; George Lyras; John de Vos; Michael Dermitzakis: Evolution of Island Mammals: Adaptation and Extinction of Placental Mammals on Islands. John Wiley & Sons 2010