Bulimulus tanneri

Tanner's Bulimulus
(Bulimulus tanneri)

syn. Naesiotus tanneri


Ecuador: Isla Santa Cruz (Indefatigable Island) / Galápagos Islands

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: (?)

This species was still commonly found around 1970 in the so called humid zone of the island of Santa Cruz, that means it was distributed in the then still forested regions at about 300 to 600 m above the sea level.


Tanner's Bulimulus (Bulimulus tanneri)

Depiction from 'Manual of Conchology; Structural and Systematic: with illustrations of the species. by George W. Tryon, Jr. Ser.2 Vol. 11. Philadelphia: Published by Conchological Section; Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. 1897/1898'



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