Caliphruria tenera   (Baker)

Cundinamarca Amazon Lily
(Caliphruria tenera)

syn. Eucharis tenera (Baker), Urceolina tenera (Baker)


Colombia: Cundinamarca Province

native name: -

size: ca. 15 - 20 cm (height)

extinction date: last collected 1853

The Cundinamarca Amazon Lily was described in the year 1888, it comes from the Valley of the Río Magdalena, where the species grew at an elevation of about 400 m.

It is an small, about 20 cm tall, white-flowered bulbous plant.

The species is officially listet as critically endangered, but is of course in fact already extinct.


- Alan W. Meerow: 'Systematics of the Amazon Lilies, Eucharis and Caliphruria (Amaryllidaceae). Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 76: 136-220. 1989