Cephalophyllum parvulum   ((Schltr.) H. E. K. Hartmann)

Tiny Cephalophyllum
(Cephalophyllum parvulum)

syn. Cheiridopsis parvula ((Schltr.) N. E. Br.), Mesembryanthemum parvulum (Schltr.)


South Africa: Western Cape Province

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: last seen 1896

This species occurred in the Fynbos around the town of Clanwilliam in the South African province Western Cape, in an area whose natural vegetation was largely converted for agricultural as well as for urban uses, and which in the end fell victim to the development of the Clanwilliam dam in the year 1935.

The last sighting of this species, however, took place already in the year 1896.