Circotettix crotalum   (Rehn)

Rattling Grasshopper
(Circotettix crotalum)

syn. -


USA: Nevada

einheimischer Name: -

Größe: ca. 4 cm (Länge)

Aussterbedatum: (?)

The Rattling Grasshopper was scientifically described in the year 1921, and is known so far from only two places in the Spring Mountains in the extreme southern Nevada, the Lee Canyon, north of Las Vegas as well as the Charleston Peak, west of Las Vegas.

The Grasshopper is about 4 cm long, grey to dark grey coloured, and inhabits mountain slopes with coniferes at an elevation of about 2440 to 3350 m.

The Rattling Grasshopper is now considered extinct.


- Daniel Otte: The North American Grasshoppers, Vol. 2: Acrididae :Oedipodinae. Harvard University Press, 1985