Dendrophthora terminalis   (Kuijt)

Terminal Dendrophthora Mistletoe
(Dendrophthora terminalis)

syn. -


Costa Rica: Cordillera Central

local name: -

size: ca. 20 cm (heigth)

extinction date: (?)

This species is known from only a single specimen, which was found at Vara Blanca de Sarapiqui between the Barba and Poas volcanoes at an elevation of about 1680 m above sea level, growing an a Clusia shrub (Clusia sp.).

It is a smallish, regularly branched, leafless mistletoe species.

The species is closely related to the Scaled Dendrophthora Mistletoe (Dendrophthora squamigera (Benth. (Kuntze))), which can be found in the same region.


- William C. Burger: Flora Costaricensis. Viscaceae. Fieldiana, Botany, New Series No. 13: 59-79. 1983