Dicliptera clavata   ((J. G. Forster) A. L. Jussieu)

Clubbed Dicliptera
(Dicliptera clavata)

syn. Dianthera clavata (J. G. Forster), Dicliptera floribunda (D. C. Solander ex B. C. Seemann), Dicliptera frondosa ((M. Vahl) A. L. Jussieu), Justicia clavata ((J. G. Forster) M. Vahl), Justicia frondosa (M. Vahl)


Society Islands: Tahiti

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: (?)

The genus Dicliptera comprises about three hundred species, three of which occur within the Polynesian region.


The Clubbed Dicliptera, which was endemic to the island of Tahiti, is now considered extinct.