Emeues crassus

Eastern Moa
(Emeus crassus)

syn. Dinornis casuarinus, Dinornis crassus, Dinornis huttoni, Dinornis rheides, Emeus casuarinus, Emeus huttoni, Meionornis casuarinus, Syornis casuarinus, Syornis crassus, Syornis rheides


New Zealand: South Island

local name: -

size: ca. 70 cm (at the back)

extinction date: ca. 1500

This was one of the smaller species of Moa.

Several skeletons have been found on New Zealand's South Island.

Of at least two specimens of this species, which were found in the Pyramid Valley (Canterbury), the gizzard is preserved well enough to reconstruct their food, it consisted mainly of fruits of the genera Coprosma, Myoporum, Nertera, Pittosporum, Prumnopitys and Rubus.


Eastern Moa (Emeus crassus)

Photo: Alexander Lang


- Trevor H. Worthy, Richard N. Holdaway: The Lost World of the Moa, Prehistoric Life of New Zealand. Indiana University Press, Bloomington 2002