Eupithecia pusillata   (Denis & Schiffermüller)

Juniper Looper; Juniper Pug
(Eupithecia pusillata anglicata (Herrich-Schäffer))

syn. -


Great Britain: Devon, Staffordshire / England

einheimischer Name:

Juniper Looper - Great Britain
Juniper Pug
- Great Britain

size: 1,8 - 2 cm (wingspan)

extinction date: (?)

The nominate race of the Juniper Looper (Eupithecia pusillata pusillata) is widely distrubuted all over Great Britain, the ssp. anglicata in contrast, seems to have always been restricted to some few spots in England.

This form is now considered extinct.


Juniper Looper; Juniper Pug (Eupithecia pusillata anglicata)

Depiction from 'The moths of the British Isles, by Richard South. London, F. Warne & Co., 1907-09.'