Gallirallus sp. 'Me'eti'a'

Mehetia Rail
(Gallirallus sp.)

syn. -


Society Islands: Me'eti'a

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: around 1930 (?)

This (not so) hypothetical form is mentioned here by me due to accounts of Tahitan locals who claimed the 'Tahiti Rail (Gallirallus pacificus)' would have suvived on the small island of Me'eti'a at least into the 1930-s.

Of course Me'eti'a is one of the neighbour islands of Tahiti, but for a flightless bird it is way to far away from the large island (about 115 km of open sea separating Me'eti'a from Tahiti).

If this rail on the island of Me'eti'a has ever existed, it must have been a distinct species, endemic to this small island. But nevertheless it is also possible that fishers from Tahiti brought some rails to Me'eti'a to have a reserve of food when staying on the island at odd times.


- Dieter Luther: Die ausgestorbenen Vögel der Welt. Westarp Wissenschaften 1986