Gallirallus sp. 'Taongi'

Taongi Rail
(Gallirallus sp.)

syn. -


Marshall Islands: Taongi

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: sometimes after 1895

At the 30. November of the year 1895 the administrator of the Marshall Islands, Dr. Georg Irmer, which was normally 'stationed' at the Jaluit atoll, looked up at the Taongi atoll to collect guano specimens and to emphasize the German territorial claim.

In his accounting records he mentioned several seabirds as well as a large ground-dwelling bird, which he called a 'bustard'.

According to this designation it must have been a rather large bird, which had a somewhat short beak and a more or less patterned, probably striped plumage. The closest fitting bird may well be a rail of the genus Gallirallus.


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