Hybomorphus melanosomus   (Saunders & Jekel)

Lord Howe Island Ground Weevil
(Hybomorphus melanosomus)

syn. -


Australia: Lord Howe Island

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: last seen in 1869

This large flightless weevil species was once an endemic inhabitant of Lord Howe Island.

It died out for unknown reasons, obviously even before the first rats arrived on the island in the year 1918.

In the June of the year 1869 several remains of this species, like for example elytra, were found under fallen logs and in rotten wood. This date, as far as known, also markes the last confirmed sighting of this species.


Lord Howe Island Ground Weevil (Hybomorphus melanosomus)

Depiction from 'W. W. Saunders; H. Jekel: Descriptions de quelques Curculionites. Soc. Ent. de France, Ann. III, 3: 289-306. 1855'



- A. Sidney Olliff: The insect fauna of Lord Howe Island. Australian Museum Memoir 2(4): 75-98. 1889