Hylaeus perspicuus

Obvious Yellow-faced Bee
(Hylaeus perspicuus)

syn. Nesoprosopis perspicua


Hawai'i Islands: Kaua'i

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: after 1890 (?)

The Obvious Yellow-faced Bee is one of the largest hawaiian bees and can be resp. could be distinguished from other members of its genus by its conspicuous broad, ivory-coloured pronotal collar (first pectoral band).

his species of bee is known only on the base of two specimens, which were collected on the island of Kaua'i around 1980. It is now declared (very likely) extinct.


Obvious Yellow-faced Bee (Hylaeus perspicuus)

depiction from 'Fauna Hawaiiensis; being the land-fauna of the Hawaiian islands. by various authors, 1899-1913. Cambridge [Eng.]: The University press, 1913.



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