Leucopeza semperi   (Sclater)

Semper's Warbler
(Leucopeza semperi)

syn. -


Saint Lucia

local name:

Pied-blanc (Patois)

size: ca. 14,5 cm (length)

extinction date: last recorded in 1961

This small, ca. 14,5 cm long, inconspicuous coloured bird was once an endemic resident on the island of Saint Lucia. It lived in the coppice of the mountain forests, was often found at the floor and probably also bred there.

In the year 1884 Mungooses (Herpestes javanicus) were introduced to Saint Lucia. They did not, as planned, only set about rats and snakes, but also itched into this bird species.

Since 1961 there was no conformed sighting of this species. Unconfirmed sightings however were reported at several times, most recently obviously in the year 2003.

There is still some hope, that this bird species could be, perhaps completely unexpected, rediscovered some day.


Semper's Warbler (Leucopeza semperi)

Depiction from 'P. L. Sclater: On some additional Species of Birds from St. Lucia, West Indies. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1876, 13-14'