Maculinea arion

British Large Blue
(Maculinea arion eutyphron)

syn. -


Great Britain

local name:

Large Blue - Great Britain

size: (?)

extinction date: around 1970

As all species of its genus, the Large Blue is an extremely specialised species, which has very special demands on its habitat.

Area-wide destruction of habitats trough intensive agriculture, but also the collecting of the butterflies themselves, led to the extinction of the former endemic british subspecies.

During the 1980-s the nominate race from Sweden was introduced to the south of Great Britain, so at least the Large Blue as a species does still occur in Great Britain.

The dutch form of another species of this genus, the Alcon Blue (Maculinea alcon arenaria), formerly treated as a seperate extinct subspecies, is now, after DNA analyses, considered as conspecific with the nominate race.


British Large Blue (Maculinea arion eutyphron)

Depiction by W. J. Lucas from 'The book of British butterflies: a practical manual for collectors and naturalists / by W.J. Lucas; with illustrations by the author. London: L. Upcott Gill, 1893'

British Large Blue (Maculinea arion eutyphron), the three butterflies above

Depiction from 'British butterflies and their transformations: arranged and illustrated in a series of plates by H.N. Humphreys; with characters and descriptions by J.O. Westwood. London: William Smith, 1841.'


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