Myotragus balearicus

Cave Goat
(Myotragus balearicus)

syn. -


Spain: Mallorca / Balearic Islands

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: ca. 2000 B.P.

This small goat-like animal lived only on the Balearic Islands, maybe only on Mallorca.

Coprolites of this animal are well known. Pollen analyses of these coprolites showed that the animal ate mostly leaves and twigs of the Balearic Boxwood (Buxus balearica), a toxic plant which once was very common but is now much rarer.

Many sculls have their horns polished, apparently by men, scientists now think that these animals may have been held in captivity for some time.


Cave Goat (Myotragus balearicus)

depiction: Alexander Lang

Balearic Boxwood (Buxus balearica)

Photo: Alexander Lang