Omiodes telegrapha

Telegraphic Pyralid Moth
(Omiodes telegrapha)

syn. Hedylepta telegrapha, Phostria telegrapha


Hawai'i Islands: Hawai'i

local name: -

size: ca. 3,8 cm (wingspan)

extinction date: (?)

The Telegraphic Pyralid Moth is known only from the type specimen, which was collected in the Ola'a rainforest on the island of Hawai'i and was described in the year 1899.

The conspicuous venation of all four wings gives the moth a striped appearance.

About the living of this species of course nothing is known and the larval host plant/plants is/are unkown too.


Telegraphic Pyralid Moth (Omiodes telegrapha)

Depiction from 'Fauna Hawaiiensis; being the land-fauna of the Hawaiian islands. by various authors, 1899-1913. Cambridge [Eng.]: The University press, 1913.


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- William P. Haines; Jon Giffin; David Foote: Rediscovery of five species of Omiodes Guenée (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) on Hawai'i Island. Bishop Occosonal Papers 79: 45-49. 2003