Pachyornis geranoides

Mantell's Moa
(Pachyornis geranoides)

syn. Anomalopteryx curta, Anomalopteryx geranoides, Cela geranoides, Dinornis curtus, Dinornis geranoides, Emeus exilis, Euryapteryx pygmaeus, Pachyornis (Mauiornis) mappini, Pachyornis (Mauiornis) septentrionalis, Pachyornis mappini, Pachyornis pygmaeus, Pachyornis septentrionalis


New Zealand: North Island

local name: -

size: ca. 0,60 m (at the back)

extinction date: ca. 1500

This species from the New Zealand North Island reached a size of only 60 cm at the back. The weight of this bird is estimated with around 30 kg.

Amazing are the peculiar short 'dachshund-legs'.


Mantell's Moa (Pachyornis geranoides)

depiction: Alexander Lang


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