Paranitocrella bastiani   (Tang & Knott)

Bastian's Groundwater Copepod
(Paranitocrella bastiani)

syn. -


Australia: Western Australia

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: (?)

Bastian's Groundwater Copepod was first described in the year 2009.

The species occurs exclusively in a cave system in the Yanchep National Park, about 40 km north of the city of Perth, which contain groundwater with submerged root mats, which originate from a tree that is called Tuart (Eucalyptus gomphocephala (DC.)), and which grows above these caves.


- Danny Tang; Brenton Knott: Freshwater cyclopoids and harpacticoids (Crustacea: Copepoda) from the Gnangara Mound region of Western Australia. Zootaxa 2029: 1-70. 2009