Pultenaea elusa   ((J. D. Briggs & Crisp) de Kok)

Elusive Bush-Pea
(Pultenaea elusa)

syn. Pultenaea parrisiae ssp. elusa (J. D. Briggs & Crisp)


Australia: New South Wales

local name: -

size: ca. 60 cm (stem length)

extinction date: last seen in 1938

This species was collected only two times, namely in the September and the October of the year 1938. Despite the fact that this species has never been found again since that time, it is officially considered 'endangered' only.

The plant was found growing in swampy areas, in seasonally waterlogged, grey sandy loams or clay-loams.


- R. P. J. de Kok; J. G. West: A revision of the genus Pultenaea (Fabaceae). 3. The eastern species with recurved leaves. Austral. Syst. Bot. 17(3): 273-326. 2004