Pultenaea maidenii   (Reader)

Maiden's Bush-Pea
(Pultenaea maidenii)

syn. Pultenaea stricta var. maidenii ((Reader) Ewart)


Australia: Victoria

local name: -

size: ca. 1 m (stem length)

extinction date: shortly after 1906 (?)

This yellow-flowered species was once found in the most eastern part of the Australian state of Victoria, where it was collected for the first time at the Pipehead Reservoir of the Hamilton Waterworks in the Victoria Range of the County of Dundas.

It was scientifically described in the year 1906 and seems to have become extinct shortly after that time.


- R. P. J. de Kok; J. G. West: A revision of the genus Pultenaea (Fabaceae). 3. The eastern species with recurved leaves. Austral. Syst. Bot. 17(3): 273-326. 2004