Salpinctes obsoletus   (Say)

San Benedicto Rock Wren
(Salpinctes obsoletus exsul (Ridgewayi))

syn. -


Mexico: Isla San Benedicto / Islas Revillagigedo

local name: -

size: 14 cm (length)

extinction date: 1952

The Isla San Benedicto is an volcanic island, and still very much active. The main part of this island is now occupied by the crater of the volcano Bárcena that itself was born only in the years from 1952 to 1953, during the last eruption.

Caused by this eruption was the complete destruction of all of the islands vegetation, followed by the extinction of its animal life. Among the extirpated animals was the sole endemic animal form of the island, the San Benedicto Rock Wren.

Therefore, this is one of the rare cases of a natural extinction.


- Dieter Luther: Die ausgestorbenen Vögel der Welt. Westarp Wissenschaften 1986