Scotorythra megalophylla   (Meyrick)

Kona Giant Looper Moth
(Scotorythra megalophylla)

syn. Acrodrepanis megalophylla (Meyrick)


Hawai'i Islands: Hawai'i

local name: -

size: ca. 7,2 bis 8,7 cm (wingspan)

extinction date: (?)

The genus Scotorythra is restricted in its distribution to the islands of the Hawai'ian Archipelago and contains somewhat about 38 species.


The females of the Kona Giant Looper Moth were the largest members of the geometrid moth family on the Hawai'i Islands and among the largest butterflies of these islands at all. As far as I know, male specimens were never found resp. were never described.

This species was found in the Ola'a forest and on the slopes of the Kilauea in the southeast of Big Island, but also in the Kona district in the west of the island.


Kona Giant Looper Moth (Scotorythra megalophylla), female

Depiction from 'Fauna Hawaiiensis; being the land-fauna of the Hawaiian islands. by various authors, 1899-1913. Cambridge [Eng.]: The University press, 1913.

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