Semiothisa ochrifascia   (Warren)

Ochre-banded Looper Moth
(Semiothisa ochrifascia)

syn. Alcis verrillata (Dyar), Thamnonoma ochrifascia (Warren)


Bermuda Islands

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: after 1945

Eleven species as well as three subspecies from the butterfly order are endemic to the Bermuda Islands. One of the endemic species, the Ochre-banded Looper Moth, is now considered extinct.

The Ochre-banded Looper Moth was specialised to the Bermuda Cedar (Juniperus bermudiana) as host plant for its larva. However nearly the complete population of these cedar trees was destroyed durig the years of 1945 to 1978, after the accidental introduction of two species of scale insects (Carulaspis minima, Lepidosaphes newsteadi) from the USA onto the islands.

Together with the vanishing of the trees, also the animals, depending on them, disappeared, among them apart from the Ochre-banded Looper Moth also the Bermuda Cicada (Tibicen bermudiana).


- R. L. Parker: Report on the Survey of the Insects and Pests attacking the Bermuda cedar. Hamilton, Bermuda. 1945