Solanum bauerianum   (Endlicher)

Bauer's Nightshade
(Solanum bauerianum)

syn. -


Australia: Lord Howe Island; Norfolk Island, Phillip Island (?) / Norfolk Islands

native name:

Bridal Flower (English - Lord Howe Island)

size: ca. 3 m (height)

extinction date: found for the last time in 1949

This, about 3 m tall, shrub once grew on Lord Howe Island and on Norfolk Island, where it was found in the year 1830 for the last time.

On Lord Howe Island it survived at least for one hundred years longer, but however died out in the end. The last specimens of this species were found there in the year 1949.


Bauer's Nightshade (Solanum bauerianum)

Depiction fromAdam Forster from the year 1925

(This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired.)


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