Syncaris pasadenae   (Kingsley)

Pasadena Freshwater Shrimp
(Syncaris pasadenae)

syn. Caridina pasadenae (Kingsley), Syncaris trewi (Holmes)


USA: Los Angeles County / California

local name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: last seen 1933

The Pasadena Freshwater Shrimp lived in several streams in the drainage basin of the Los Angeles River near the city of Pasadena in the Californian Los Angeles County.

The species was described on the basis of specimens that were collected in a place where now an athletic stadium named 'Rose Bowl' stands.

The habitat of the Pasadena Freshwater Shrimp was destroyed by the channelization of the streams the species lived in. The shrimp was found alive for the last time in the year 1933, and is considered extinct.