Tetramolopium arenarium   (A. Gray)

Loose Maui-Tetramolopium
(Tetramolopium arenarium ssp. laxum (Lowrey))

syn. Tetramolopium arenarium var. dentatum (Hillebr.)


Hawai'i Islands: Maui

local name: -

size: ca. 8 - 13 cm (height)

extinction date: (?)

The genus Tetramolopium consists of about twenty-five species, most of which occur as endemics on the Hawaiian Islands. None of the Hawaiian members of this genus is officially listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, despite the fact that at least four of these forms have to be treated as already extinct.


The Maui Tetramolopium occurred with two subspecies on two islands of the Hawaiian archipelago, namely Hawai'i and Maui, with the nominate race formerly occurring on both islands, and the other subspecies having been endemic to the island of Maui alone.

The nominate race was considered extinct, both on Hawai'i and on Maui, when in the year 1989 a tiny population of this form was rediscovered on the island of Hawai'i.

The other subspecies, the Loose Tetramolopium, however, is indeed extinct.