Todiramphus gambieri   (Oustalet)

Mangareva Kingfisher
(Todiramphus gambieri)

syn. Halcyon gambieri (Oustalet), Todiramphus tuta ssp. gambieri (Oustalet)


Tuamotu Archipelago: Mangareva / Gambier Islands

local name: -

size: 22 cm (?) (length)

extinction date: 1922 (?)

The Mangareva Kingfisher once lived on the island of Mangareva in the southern Tuamotu Archipelago.


Another species, the Niau Kingfisher (Todiramphus gertrudae (Murphy)), still occurs on the Niau atoll, far in the north of the Tuamotu Archipelago. Both have often (senselessly) been lumped together as one species.

On Niau the kingfishers prefer to live in coconut palm plantations, and in human settlements, where they hunt for larger insects and smaller reptiles.

The Niau Kingfisher may soon belong to the extinct species as well - as in 2004 only twenty individuals were counted.


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