Trachyspermum villosum   ((Haines) P. K. Bhattach. & K. Sarkar)

Wooly Caraway
(Trachyspermum villosum)

syn. Carum villosum ((Haines)


India: Bihar; Uttarakhand (?)

locla name: -

size: (?)

extinction date: last collected 1922

The Wooly Caraway, which may be known most likely by the synonym Carum villosum (Haines), is an endemic plant species of North India, where it occured in the states of Bihar, and probably also Uttarakhand (?).

The species is now considered most probably extinct, among other things, because its habitat has largely been destroyed, but also because the seeds of this species, because of their scent and taste, were used as a cheap substitute for Caraway (Carum carvi (L.)), and had been admixed with it for sale.


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